About us

India Arms Corporation

Established in 1954 By S. Jaswant S Sarna. India Arms Corporation began its activities by retailing Shot Guns & Rifles in a small scale, mainly to Consumers and Collectors.

Somewhere around 1970 the Company made a Major Leap Over and India Arms became known all over India, supplying Arms & Ammunition to Consumers, Collectors and Dealers over 15 major states.

India Arms Corporation is located in Lucknow (State Capital of Uttar Pradesh, India) which contains and Deals in all kinds of Non - Prohibited Arms, Ammunition & Accessories.

Today, India Arms offers a wide range of Products for Public use, which includes all Calibers of Rifles, Shot Guns, Revolvers, Pistols, Center Fire & Rim Fire Ammunition, Imported & Indian Air-Rifles, Imported & Indian Hoalsters, Telescopes, Night Vision Binoculars , Original & Pachmayr Grips, Magazines and loads of Accessories.

Anything Relating to Arms, Ammunition & Accessories, we have it all............almost!

“We are also into Imports of Ammunition, Rather one of the Biggest Importers in India having large Import & Storage Capacity. Therefore you can find all variety and Calibers of Ammunition under one roof..!”